Cancer Aid Resource & Education, Inc. (CARE)

Cancer Aid Resource & Education, Inc. (CARE) is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to our local cancer patients, children and adults, who reside in Doña Ana County. CARE’s focus is to provide assistance to local cancer patients in active cancer treatment, who have recently been diagnosed with any type of cancer, within one year of a positive cancer diagnosis with a diagnostic biopsy. CARE has an application process and policy. We, at CARE, have understood the term "financial toxicity". Financial toxicity is the emotional, mental, and physically debilitating, often-life threatening, financial side effect induced by cancer treatment. Cancer's financial impact affects both family budgets and patients' health. CARE helps with this financial burden so that we may help improve quality of life for our local cancer patients. Financial assistance is paid directly to third parties. Funds are limited and based on eligibility and availability. CARE continues to operate as a “volunteer group” so that funds raised are maximized to help local cancer patients and their families. CARE helps cancer patients cope with their cancer treatment by assisting them with non-medical expenses, basic living needs expenses while they are in active treatment for their cancer. Active treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a transplant. CARE’s Care and Support Program helps with gas cards to get to treatment, utilities, groceries and nutritional supplements, a rent or mortgage payment, and lodging, airfare or meals if needing to travel for treatment, etc. so that local cancer patients can concentrate on treatment, healing, recovery and survival. The majority of CARE’s income to support services and financial assistance is generated through fundraising projects and the generosity of the community. Join CARE in September in downtown Las Cruces at Plaza de Las Cruces for our fun signature cancer fundraiser celebrating people, food and culture, La Gran Fiesta.

  • Yolanda "Yoli" R. Diaz
  • 575-649-0598
  • 118 S. Water Street, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88001, United States

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